Feel at Home

With the new Like at Home collection you will see that you can feel at home in the office. Our luminaires combine high technical performance with modern design. The forms designed by us will add cosiness and warmth to any space, and the acoustic materials used in the production process, apart from being safe, absorb noise. In addition, efficient light sources are optimal for work and we have a unique product on the market.


In Like at Home luminaires we have used both modern and traditional, even handicraft technologies. Often the frame of our luminaires is made of metal, which we bend with specialized machines and combine its individual elements with welding technology. Later on, we add soft elements such as ribbons or acoustic elements, which we weave in the final finishing touches.


What makes Like ta Home unique is the ability to choose the size and configuration of the luminaire. Thanks to a well-thought-out design concept for the entire collection, the luminaires are available in many options. Colours, fabrics, ribbons, position of the luminaire, and above all the size and adjustment to the surface to be illuminated - this is a full customisation of the product to suit your needs!

Natural Materials

Luminaires from the Like at Home collection are made to make you feel comfortable in the office. This feeling is helped by using natural materials. In almost every luminaire in this collection you will find acoustic elements which mostly consist of natural materials such as wool or cotton.

Environmental impact

We realise that it is our duty to care for the environment. That is why we select materials for our luminaires already at the production stage in order to minimise the environmental impact. The PET material we use is obtained from used plastic bottles. The metal that is used in our luminaires is easy to melt, which allows for its reuse. Natural materials are fully degradable. In our luminaires we use LED sources, which thanks to modern technology consume much less power than traditional light bulbs, which makes them much more ecological.

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