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Sound landscape design

The design of office spaces includes many aspects. That is why our luminaire designs are not limited to fulfilling only one function. One of the uses is to provide acoustic comfort for the user. Thanks to properly selected materials and fabrics in our luminaires, we achieve satisfying results in reducing noise levels. This is one of the many advantages of our luminaires, and there are many more!

A light source is not enough

What we get in our luminaires goes far beyond the just the right office lighting. Our luminaires are functional spacial elements that use components and technologies that are hardly obvious in lighting. Their use allows us to create solutions that are unusual in their category.

Acoustic comfort

We treat the comfort of focus at work as a value, which is why many of our solutions include acoustic elements. This type of luminaires not only make the interior cozy, but above all ensure silence in the rooms. In a world of excess stimuli, it is worth freeing oneself from at least one – noise.


Natural Inspiration

In our designs, we try to get the most out of nature. We absorb it and transform it into our products. We are inspired by shapes, use natural materials and ways of light penetration. All this allows us to make office spaces more humane and user-friendly.

Rhythm of the day

Each of us has different preferences regarding the intensity and temperature of light in which we like to work.
Moreover, this varies throughout the day. Therefore, most of our luminaires have control modules, allowing
manual or automatic adjustment of these parameters to the user’s personal preferences.

Ecosystem in light

We often cross impossible boundaries in our projects. We combine seemingly incompatible elements – to form a single whole. This is the case with vegetation. Placing it in our luminaires is what makes them something absolutely unbelievable. By creating a kind of ecosystem in the midst of light, we affect the internal peace of those using our lighting.

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