What's flexx exactly?

No compromise

The Flexx brand goes beyond the horizon of standard office lighting. For us, light means the user’s well-being; it defines the right working conditions and ensures the right level of focus. Light is not just an accessory to us; it is a complement to the project. We see no room for compromise between effective, high-quality lighting and great design. We focus on the quality and aesthetics of our luminaires. We create solutions that enrich our clients’ projects.

Function – key word

Flexx luminaires go far beyond what you can call merely a light source. The starting point is technically perfect lighting. It is the basis of the design. We build the luminaire’s aesthetics around it and give it a role to play in space. We apply modern technologies such as rotomoulding, use the acoustic properties of materials, place plants – all this to expand the functionalities of our luminaires and make them unique. To read more about the functions of our luminaires, go to the Light & More tab.

Flexible cooperation model

We are open to challenges that architects set for us. We treat every client individually, which is why we have developed a model of flexible cooperation. When listening to our clients’ needs, we choose appropriate solutions that meet their requirements. If the project requires tailor-made solutions, we are able to create and implement completely new, innovatively customized concepts from scratch.

Such cooperation makes the architect become part of our team for a moment and introduces a completely new view, which is always an extraordinary experience for us.

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